Remove the bulb!

After my previous dash foibles the [2nd] replacement is in and working great... Mostly. Turns out this one came from a limited where as mine is a touring. The difference? ABS. Yeah, in 2006 ABS was still an option - Thanks Obama Chrysler! What’s this mean? Well when I turned it on after a few seconds I got a chime and ABS light to notify me my non-existent ABS isn’t working. Oops. So off comes the cluster again. Bulb out. Back in. Car on. Chime is no worries. Parking Break light is on when the parking break is off. Crap. Apparently it’s a part of the brake check system with abs. So guess what? Bingo! Bulb came out. (I really don’t need a big light on the dash to tell me the parking brake is on when there’s clearly a huge lever that’s up).

Fuel gauge worked fine, not sure about the temp gauge since it only ran for a minute or so and my car has always been slow to warm up - sending unit was recently replaced however. But if not, fuckitImnotdealingwithitanymore.

And I’m going to throw it out there that’s not a bad looking dash. White face, blue lights, subtle chrome trim, balanced gauges. It’s really the only part of the interior Chrysler took some time to think out. Or they were just lazy and went simple.