In todays post, a couple RAV4's driven by completely oblivious people.

What I find interesting is that both of these drivers took in the situation, decided that they could pull off their maneuver if they were quick enough, and made a total hash of it by not bothering with the actions essential to completing the move properly.

If these two get moving? Ain’t care. Opportunity taken. But noooo... Idiot number one fails to apply the right hoof to the correct pedal, which is key to the whole move—I can’t understand how they could even arrive at the decision to go without realizing they’d have to get their shift on. Idiot number two remembered the pedal, at least initially... but forgot the round thing in front of them. Then remembered the turney bit and forget the vroomy bit entirely. Tried to merge onto the highway at less than 80km/h with the brakes on.