Dashcam DOTS - August 13th-19th, 2017 - RallyDarkstrike Edition!

Just some cool rides I saw last week as seen by my dashcam! :D

August 14th, on my way to do some computer work for somebody - saw this cool VW Westfalia camper towing a trailer of bikes on Main Street in Mahone Bay! It had a Euro plate on the front, German, but it wasn’t a legitimate plate as I looked back as I passed it and it had a Nova Scotian plate on the rear (Nova Scotia only requires provincial license plates on the back, so you can put whatever you want on the front!)
Not far after the Westfalia on the other side of town, passing the churches’ parking lot, I HAD to pull off the road and pop in to see this thing I didn’t recognize! We see a few Euro-imported cars here fairly often (mostly RVs) as a lot of tourists ship them over and go on several week/month trips driving around Atlantic Canada. This Hymer Exsis-i RV had Swiss plates and is based on a Euro FIAT Ducato chassis (I recognized it was a FIAT chassis from the wheels, ha!) - pretty neat! The couple that owned it actually stayed there overnight and had a tasty little breakfast picnic set up on a picnic table just behind the hedge past that second Dodge Caravan and Yaris in the background.
Caught this amusing pic on my way out of the mall parking lot in Bridgewater (Highlighting mine)! Looks like some friends were having a mini-meet-up in town, as a very pretty Austin Healey (not a fan of the fact he had no front bumper on it though?) was just pulling away and leaving a 68 Dodge Charger behind!
Passed this oddly-decaled Hyundai Elantra sedan on the way home...no idea what the writing on the door says, but it is certainly a...unique...style? I actually didn’t mind it, whatever it was, haha! The writing looked Chinese/Japanese/...Korean? I literally could only see it for a split second and it’s too hard to make out on the camera pic, sadly!
August 18th was a good day for car spotting! Saw this old beast only a kilometer past the Elantra previously mentioned! 1969 or so Camaro!

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