Following up on my last Dashcam DOTS post, here are the cool things I’ve seen in the last little while!

Missed uploading this one in my last post! This was a PRISTINE 1992 Ford Escort GT I saw at McDonald’s in Bridgewater on the 18th. Pardon the crappiness of my phone camera, but this thing was MINT, and so clean you could eat off it! Clearly a pride and joy of the owner. More people need to keep interesting old cars like this in decent shape! :) Second-gen Escorts are long gone here from all the road salt and I only see a white lower-trim one on a regular basis. This is my second time seeing this car, but my first time seeing it up close. I must say, those body-color-matched inserts on the factory wheels look really nice in person! More cars need body-color-matched paint nowadays!
Saw this awesome combination in town the other day - I’m not so good with the old American stuff, but I was thinking an old Fairlane of some sort? Not a huge fan of the overly modern rims on the car though. I know they are supposed to match the trailer, but they don’t look right at all to me! Pardon the mouse cursor...
Not the best pic, but the next few cars were all taken a few seconds after each other in a row yesterday! Must’ve been a number of petrolhead friends out fpr a cruise! Not sure what that muscle car is in front there..old Plymouth maybe? There’s a C5 Corvette convertible behind it though!
A couple seconds after the Corvette was this beauty! Not sure what she is....something 1940's....Mercury...? Chrysler? Very pretty though!
...and just after the old 40's convertible was this very pretty GTO and Camaro! Love the blue on the GTO!


Camaro close-up! Fun fact: RallyDarkstrike’s mom’s first car was a lower-trim 1970 one of these in a copper-bronzey color - the car is long gone, sadly, but the original window sticker and brochure is still here somewhere! Pardon the mouse cursor again...
Ex-UK Military Land Rover Defender (RHD!) - very cool! Snorkel and everything! :P Spotted, weirdly enough, at what is mostly a local Senior’s Center on my way home this morning! Pardon the crappy camera quality and the glare as the sun was facing right at me!

That’s all for now until next time! :)