Cutting people off left and right, crossing in front of not one but two streetcars at the same time, no braking for pedestrians, no indicating at all, driving down the wrong side of the road and no yielding to anything. Can you spot any more infractions?

The worst thing is, everyone is at it too: drivers, horse riders, cyclists and especially pedestrians. It's pretty clear that the concept of jaywalking hasn't been invented yet for these people, since no-one thinks anything of crossing the road no matter what's coming. Even the cops just wander aimlessly in the road and let it all happen.

The one thing that strikes me, though, is the similarity of this video of SF's Market Street with modern developing cities such as Delhi or Saigon. No one observes any rules, but it all kind of works because everyone moves in the same way and at the same speed. Like pedestrians in a precinct.

On a sad note: this footage was made from the front of a cable car in 1906. A few days later, an earthquake flattened most of the city, and caused fires that consumed most of the remainder. 3000 people died.