Dashcam- Push or No?

Picking up a dashcam in the next few weeks. It’s something I’ve been close to doing before but the footprints up our driveway this winter checking car doors makes it even more likely.

Looking at BlackVue with parking mode- will be set up with the power magic pro to give it power while parked.


I can either go with the dr590-2ch with front and rear cams.


Or the dr750-1ch with cloud..


The big difference between them is the cloud on the 750. Technically sitting in our driveway within our wifi it would be able to push notification to my phone if the parking mode was triggered. I’m not big on confrontations but I bet of both car alarms started going off it would give the lowlife second thoughts about coming back.

Having a second cam with the 590 would be useful while driving- but it would be looking out through the canopy so its view would be limited.


What does Oppo think? Any Dash Cam users super happy with parking mode? I’ve seen other forum members catch theives and get their gear back because of it- so I’m pretty convinced. Just not sure on rear facing vs cloud.

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