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Dat 2011+ WRX Reliability...

Hello fellow Opponauts,

I'm looking to get some owner input regarding the reliability of 2011+ WRXs, hatch or sedan. My Focus ST has been plagued by steering issues from almost day 1, and I am looking at a few other vehicles to replace it.

One of those vehicles is a 2011+ WRX. I'm a sales rep by trade, and will probably average around 25,000 miles per year, so reliabilty is a great concern to me. I don't plan on modding the vehicle at all outside of snow tires and maybe some performance wheels and tires for the summer. I'm hoping to pick up a WRX with less than 30,000 on the odometer in the next few months.


My question to any WRX owners out there—how has the reliability been? I've heard differing things regarding the transmission and engine reliability—namely the ringland failure issue. Though I feel that issue is a bit overblown, I'm curious to hear what owners experiences have been.

Can any 2011+ WRX owners shed some light on their experience?

Thanks all!

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