Picked this sucker off craigslist earlier today. It was owned by an older man who drove an XJ40 Jaguar... an early 90s XJ6. He said if you know how to work on cars or have a good mechanic they’re easy to own.

I put it in the Sequoia in the 2nd row so it would not roll around... actually it did not even move at all. It’s not that heavy, only 25 pounds or so.

The specs...

NEC Ready 9616

Socket 5 Intel Pentium 120MHz
16MB RAM (2x8MB, 2 SIMM slots free)
CD-ROM + 3.5" floppy drive
2GB 7200RPM SCSI HD (came with no HD, I had this lying around)
Adaptec 2940UW PCI SCSI
3COM 3C905B PCI Ethernet
Diamond SpeedStar 24X 1MB ISA video card (this one is a bit weird and out of place... it was a upper class 386 card in its hey day)
Integrated audio w/ OPL3 MIDI
56K ISA modem
200W PSU


Gave it a good cleaning. Wasn’t that bad for its age, just some scratches and marks on the sides of the case.


Ribbon cables galore.

This gfx card screams 1993


Bit of a PITA to copy drivers on a machine with no USB and a CD-ROM drive that doesn’t play nice with newer burnable discs.

I want to upgrade the RAM and gfx card at some point. I would probably have to get an ISA ethernet card if I were to bump up the gfx card since the machine only has 2 PCI slots and 4 ISA slots. The only real issue with it is that the machine needs a new CMOS battery... which is not your ordinary one. It uses an RTC like this and is underneath the drivebays (which are not removable so it requires removing the mobo to replace the RTC).