Having explored Western Europe and North America let’s go to a land down under. There are many of these so let’s go to The Land Down Under.

Australia, as we learn in school, is the biggest island in the world. It’s home to most of the remaining marsupial species, Dame Edna and the Australian cricket team for whom things have not always gone according to plan. Less well known facts (allegedly because they’re not true but I believe them) include those that all male Australians are called Bruce, all indigenous fauna and flora are lethal to humans and it hasn’t rained anywhere south of Queensland since 1839.

So let’s get ourselves a nice Chardonnay, throw another wombat on the barbie* and investigate Australian new car regos (Yes, regos. Time to get down with the lingo). It would be nice to have figures for the year to date but while doubtless freely available, they’re not free and I don’t feel like totting up the free monthly figures so here goes for September 2015. Are there surprises? Do Australians ask the question which is answered by “Subaru”? Do the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore reign supreme?

Yes, yes and no. Here we go:

Hyundai i30

Mazda 3

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Camry ( I thought that was mainly an American model but there you go)

Ford Ranger (the Aussies define “car” differently)

Holden Commodore

Mazda CX5

Mitsubishi Triton (no, me neither)

Toyota Hilux (yes, it’s become a car)


No, I’ve no idea about the i30. It’s the most boring car there is so they must be giving them away.


* Don’t actually throw a wombat on a barbie. They’re a protected species and in any case and in the unlikely event that you survive a hunting encounter they’re bound to be toxic. The Chardonnay is OK, as grapes aren’t native to Australia.

Have a wombat in attack mode, a picture recovered from the late photographer who was recognised only by his DNA.


Now have an i30. You’re welcome (and note the EU wannabe plates).