Data hints at how many fun cars automakers think they'll sell

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The image above is a screen shot from a document depicting GM's projected sales volumes by make and power train for MY 2012. These reports are submitted to NHTSA for the purposes of CAFE calculations.


This is one of the only places you'll see automakers break down models by power train (read: performance trim), something not reported in monthly sales releases. Again, these are projections and not sales, but they do give you some idea of volume expectation.

For example, for 2012 GM anticipated selling a whopping 122 CTS-V Wagons with a manual transmission (denoted above as M6/T).


Looking over Chrysler's report it appears for SRT-variants of Charger and 300 were projected at 3% of those two models total volume, while the SRT Challenger was expected to make up 20% of the retro coupes total volume.

Many of the other automaker's projections are available here.

This is just another example of the fun and interesting (and random) data on automakers you can get compliments of Uncle Sam's sometimes burdensome, rarely transparent regulatory process.

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