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Data on Domestic Terrorism

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Politics after the Jump.

I was curious about the data behind domestic terrorism, so I did some research.

Turns out, not a single individual in a western country has died or been injured as a result of a terror attack perpetrated by an immigrant from any of the countries that President Trump has called for an immigration ban at.


15: Saudi Arabia (9/11)
2: United Arab Emirates (9/11)
1: Lebanon (9/11)
1: Egypt (9/11)

2: France (Charlie Hebdo)
1: France (Montrouge)
1: Tunisia (Nice Truck Attack)

??: Brussels Terrorist Cell (Belgian-born leadership, attack claimed by French National)

1: Tunuisia (Berlin Attack)


1: Canada (Parliament Hill)
1: Canada (Saint Jean Sur Richeliu)

Many of them were using long-term work visas were were nationally born within the country.


So while the argument “It’s a pre-emptive measure” doesn’t hold (previous ISIS attacks would not be covered under the ban anyway, even if all countries adopted it) the data would support that it would be better to arrest domestic civilians rather than ban immigrants.

Of course, if you wanted to save lives... fighting Obesity, Gun Violence, Drunk Driving, Tobacco and Malnutrition are far higher causes of preventable death.


EDIT: To clarify, San Bernadino, Pulse Nightclub, and Boston Marathon attacks were not terrorist attacks and had no direct ties to ISIS, and none of them were committed by immigrants or refugees.

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