Yesterday was the first day the datsun drove with no problems around Fort Worth . So what do you do with a car you just got done 4 hours ago and have been working on for 7 months ? Get in it and drive it 3 hours straight to Austin. In the middle of the night by myself. With no chase car and the only thing lighting up the night sky besides the 38 year old headlights is the sparks flying from my VERY low hanging 3 inch exhaust ..

The car drives great . She steers just as easy as she did before if not a little easier. With the 6 speed T56 there's plenty of O/D for highway driving which brings me to my main point and reason why NO ONE should have a excuse to go RB , SR , 2J ,1J if they plan on driving the car for a daily.

I GOT BETTER MPG WITH A 327 Cu In Small Block Chevy LM4 with a big cam (specs to come in a future post) than I did with a L28 that was fuel injected.

The 6 cylinder stock engine was bone stock and it would take me 3/4 tank to come to Austin from Fort Worth or vise versa Last night I managed to stay in 6th most of the way except for a little 4th gear romp just outside of waco. ( optional read: Which only sparked a 2000 v6 mustang to do the biggest baddest gnarliest ricer fly by of all time after I slowed back down to cruising speed. He had about a 2 mile running start and past me while I was at 80 going maybe 110 ? 120 ? but the RED 2000 v6 mustang was bleeding his manhood all over the highway so I doubt he made it to far before his white oakleys and penis fell off.) and got to Austin with just over half a tank. Next time I will monitor my mileage better to get a actual MPG but still it's leaps and bounds better than stock and 3-4x the power .

Sorry I dont have more pics but a real post will soon be coming the car still has 7 months of dust and dirt on it so she needs a bath I just haven't had time.