Austin has some VERY VERY EPIC roads. One of those being Lime Creek road which will soon be my daily commute to work and back to the house. Don't ask me how I'm so lucky but I found waterfront property to rent for 850 a month . Split between me and a buddy I've managed to get a EPIC deal .

Anyways, tried my soon to be daily commute yesterday and besides the exhaust dragging everywhere the damn car got a leak in the tire on the side wall. Keep in mind I've driving the datsun 3 days as of yesterday and in the turns its planted and ready to fly unless you apply more than 25% throttle which only results in massive sideways opposite lock fun / hooning (YES even with the open diff) So new tires are to come but for the time being I'll have to get a used tire. I swear theres no one out there driving a ls swap car but only has a 100 bucks in his pocket lol . ): .

These swaps are not always as cheap as people make them seem to be . Good rule of thumb just double your projected cost than triple your projected cost and you'll have around the amount of money you're going to spend on this LS swap.