Down to the Wires .. This past weekend was full of ups and downs. Motor is in it's final resting place or should we say caged by a few bolts. However , Saturday morning a buddy called and asked for the engine hoist . (Side note: Having close buddies are what have made this car possible. Without them this would have NEVER happened. ) He would end up going to the shop and locking the bottom lock which there is no key for. In turn I was locked out of the shop all day Saturday and no progress was made besides some parts being purchased.

Fun Fact ! Intake manifold bolts are $24 at a GM Dealership.

I needed 10 of these bolts . The man at the dealership told me I could drive to 5 dealerships in the Dallas Fort Worth area and get them. I found what I thought would be a cheap solution but didn't know the bolts wouldn't work until it was too late.

The stock Camaro SS wiring harness is pretty small and is going to make my engine bay cluttered. Not having the time to send mine away or the money to buy a new one it will have to work for now. My stock temp, oil pressure , and voltage will all work perfect . The Tach and Speedo are a different story and require some work.


Good news, intake manifold bolts , throttle body bolts, fuel line , is now at the shop ready to go . This weekend will be a challenge but yet another attempt at getting the Datassun running breaking it in and then driving it 3 hours home to Austin in 1 weekend .


Again this car would have never been possible without some of my closest buddies . Coming together to get one another's car running with no questions asked. Hours on end of problem shooting and re-evaluating. Without guys like Tim who has let me drive his 2000 Jeep Cherokee for 5+ months this would have been a long shot to say the least. I'll carry these stories from building this car with my buddies and the shit we went through for the rest of my life.