Datassun Update : progress and weed. End's with a question to Oppo !

Here we have it .. The motor in the car so I'd say I'm about half way done lol. The motor slid right in. After sitting right next to the car for month's it makes sense. Can you imagine sitting in front of a Sexy fairlady for months hard as aluminum waiting to get in ? Then BAM you get it ? of course it slid right in...


ARP pro Series Rod Bolts were installed I figure this saves me from spinning a rod bearing at high RPM with a motor that has 110k miles. This install was very easy and also my first time ever doing internals to a motor by myself. The biggest problem I kept running into is not that I didn't know how to do something or that I didn't have the tools to do the job ( which happened a few times ) but the fact that I'd second guess myself and lose my confidence . Eventually I just figured "fuck it " which is what built bugatti I think haha. Then smoked some fat bowls which made Tesla successful and BAM. Rod bolt install complete.

Flipped the motor upside down todo the cam swap figured I wouldn't have to worry about dropping a valve. It worked great ! Yes that was a Highdea..


So here you have a 1976 Datsun 280z R200 Diff with a 2003 LM4 5.3 Liter GM v8 with a SNL Custom Grind Camshaft , Double Valve Springs , ARP Rod Bolts , bolted to a built T56 Transmission.

I'm hoping I make somewhere around 330-340hp to the ground but don't really know most of my buddies think it will make more than that .. They have more experience and have done tons of cam swapped ls motors so they would know but I've done the research and I think I'll be right.


What do you guys think this thing is going to make to the ground ?

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