So it's been awhile since I gave ya'll an update on the daily driver 5.3 swapped 280z. Recently I've been chasing a lifter tap issue that turns out was a exhaust leak ! While that news could potentially save me a ton of money (about 1k) I may not get lucky. Turned out to be a broken manifold bolt. This is a damn coaching mistake on my part. First time putting headers on a ls motor and I broke a damn bolt off in the head. Now that the bolts broke in the head and not sticking out at all it's boiling down to how lucky I could really be...

So sometime this week I'll have to drill into that broken bolt inside the head while it's on the car and try to use a left handed bit (easyout) and hope, pray, cross all my limbs that it works. If that works and the threads in the heads are still usable then I may just be the luckiest guy in this hobby of blowing all the dollars you earn on a car that's too fast for it's own good and probably the sketchiest car you could build for less than 10k.. Now I wonder how many people claim that ..

As far as I know only one other jalop has been in the car and that would be IDROVEATRUCKONCE . He also got to drive it the second day it was running and the only other person besides me and the woman that have driven the car. I think Tim would agree the car is sketchy and with a 195/60/15 sumitomo tire it might as well have ice skates for wheels because there is ZERO traction.


I did make it to the 1/8th mile dragstrip in DFW. This is the same track I came to as a kid with my older brother the same track I met some of my closest friends the same track where I've won and lost countless dollars from 5 dollar bets.. This track is home to me and it was great to make it out there with the new setup . I ended up sitting in the lanes for hours because of mustangs crashing and camaro's oiling down the track. Don't forget about those guys who roll through the water box but don't do a burnout to in turn sling water down the entire track. So to say it was a shit show would be a understatement. I ended up running this yellow evo which was in decent shape for a evo with 189k miles. When he told me how many miles were on it I was shocked it was even running and that's when he decided to let me know he had just rebuilt the engine. Along with brand new pistons (stock) and a very mild head port it had E85 and LAUNCH CONTROL!!!! I figured I'd lose just because of my traction issues and his lack of traction issues. But , it's dragracing and anything can happen. I ended up treeing him pretty good and he couldn't ever get past me. I ran a 8.9 in the 1/8th spinning and winning. I think the car would be good for high 7's in the 1/8th but it would demand some slicks or drag radials.

Well there you have it oppo the Datassun update. Oh I also taught my dog to read !