What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?
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My father regularly sends me pictures of sunrises, sunsets, beaches, palm trees, and other assorted reminders of the fact that he lives by a beach on the Caribbean while I live 25 degrees north in quantitatively definite non-tropical environs. Sometimes he sends me pictures of random happenings at the town’s harbor like the occasional cruiser dropping anchor there. Last night he sent me this doozy.


The story goes that the owner had just bought the pictured ~20-foot Seabaygradyraylinerwhite, his first boat purchase, the previous day and towed it about 60 miles to the boat launch to try it for the first time. It seems that he bought the boat without a trailer, so he had someone put the boat on a flatbed truck, hoping that the flatbed would extend far enough back and down to dip into the water. The truck’s driver (Dad didn’t mention if he’s also the boat’s owner) apparently didn’t notice the launch ramp nearby, and instead parked the truck on the beach. Then, thinking that the water was deep enough, they slid the boat down into the water and immediately stuck it in the sand. Apparently they figured that the tide would flow a few hours later and lift the boat enough to float it to the pier, so they then proceeded to slide the flatbed out from under the boat and drop it down there to wait it out, but not before raising the outboard engine out of the way, thus promptly cracking it.

Let this be a PSA - if you’re going to launch your boat on your own, make sure to have the proper equipment and follow the proper precautions.

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