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Date #2!

This time, we went to Atlanta Motorsports Park and raced go karts again!

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I lost to her by 0.2 seconds on my best lap, and by nearly 2 full seconds on the average, but that’s because I went over a curb backwards and and my soul briefly left my body.

After karting, we went by Road Atlanta so she could get an idea of where to go today (she has a four-day PLM ticket. I’m only going on Saturday) and then went to the kickoff party in Suwanee, which was super underwhelming but at least we got free IMSA stickers. We also went to the mall at one point and she bought some jewelry for Halloween, but it was buy-two-get-two and she only wanted three things, so she bought me a necklace with a real scorpion in it. We finished off the night playing Smash Bros with her roommate, and it was all just super great.

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