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DATGC (Down At The Grocery Stores)

My first spot was at Costco. This is what I believe to be a 48-50 Advance Design Chevy (48-50? had lever type outer door handles, 51-54 had push button door handles)

Yup, those are Audi seats and steering wheel.

I have seen this truck in town before just haven’t seen it for a few years. The owner came in to where I work and I looked it over better back then but I remember him telling me he put the Audi interior in it because he wanted to be comfy. Fair enough.

Also happened to talk to a woman who was also admiring the truck and she said she had an old VW bus.

Next stop was Hy-vee and I saw this,

Clever plate? Check.

 It’s pretty cool that this place has a wind generator I think either some or all of the charging. Only four spots for electric cars though.

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