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Daughter says, "you don't need to come to Houston, we're figuring it out."

Autocross setup buffer image from last weekend for the continued drama below. Yes, I really do sticker up my car for events and then clean it up after. I bought a roll of magnetic sheeting from Amazon and have been making my own out of available stickers...

This is continuing my post from yesterday:


After last night’s phone call with the daughter she did some more thinking about things. She called me tonight to let me know that they’re working things out on their end and that I don’t need to come to Houston. I can only think that my honest response to her about not taking in the boyfriend has assisted in her thinking on the issues. That and my talk with her mom that no, I wouldn’t be taking the boy, nor changing any rules.

Tonight’s call came in from her 19 year old sister’s phone, which means that my slightly older and wiser daughter, who also doesn’t like her sister’s boyfriend, may have been injecting some reason into the conversations. She’s good at that. Level head on that one.

We will see if this is the end of the conversation...

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