I agree 7,000% with this article.


I have a friend at work that has basically devoted her whole life to following Dave Ramsey and preaching it to everyone else. So damn annoying. I’m basically painted as an idiot because I have a car payment.

Forgive me for wanting a reliable car with halfway modern safety equipment for my soon-to-be-born infant son and not being able to pay entirely in cash. I have a 2.99% interest rate and I currently owe $16k on a car that is valued at 21-22k. And of course we have our mortgage. But that’s it. My wife’s CX-5 is paid off as are our credit cards, save for $150.00 on mine that I’m paying off soon. 


My friend at work seems to be insistent that all debt is bad and that you should avoid it at all costs. To me, that’s just not realistic. Debt is not bad if you know how to manage your money and don’t live beyond your means. It’s not hard.

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