David Tracy's ticket pisses me off

Now hear this, no one should be getting a damn speeding ticket unless they are actually going above the posted speed limit, there is an accident, or they are driving like a dumb ass.

We here in Montucky routinely throw down the miles on snowy and icy roads at speeds that would make David Tracy poop his pants. With a few caveats:

1. Like David our vehicles are generally up for the task, ie worn out snow tires on a mid 90's Buick LeSabre.


2. We were born in a snow drift 60 miles east of Havre so we are genetically predispositioned to survive in a cold climate 5 months of the year.

3. We have to drive 300 miles to get the mail or milk, so if you go too slow the milk will go bad by the time you get back to the ranch.


4. The entire population of Montana is in about 5 small City’s along I-90 and I-15, everywhere else is fucking deserted. I have driven for hours with the cruise at 82 and never needed to adjust it due to other cars or cows on the road.

5. Our cars and trucks are so shitty that if you went too slow all the tranny fluid would leak out before you get to your destination. So you have to keep your speed up between stops and top it off every 2-3 hours.


So concludes highlanders ramblings.

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