I tried to sleep a lot today. The neighbors 6 year old kept having MAJOR meltdowns in their backyards everytime I was about to doze off. Sometimes it should be legal to pepper spray peoples kids.

Also, why is it that after abdominal surgery, when laughing = agony, everything suddenly becomes funny? Like, dumb stuff I would normally not care about, or maybe give a chuckle to, becomes a gut buster. Its agony.


Anyways, I’m on the mend, slowly but surely. The docs encouraged me to be as active as I reasonably feel comfortable (low impact, of course, basically walk around “a lot”). This was probably a mistake because I am a big, dumb animal and my definition of a lot is different than most peoples, so I think I way over did the walking today. Its supposed to rain tomorrow so I suppose that will force me to slow down a bit.

Hope Oppo is doing well.

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