Day 1: I like it!

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I even made a friend at Ross. 300 miles into my trip, I’m still on the same tank of gas I started with. It costs a lot more to fill, sure, but it’s nice to do that less often. The other small complaints I have:

The headrest is weirdly far back. I had to buy a neck pillow (which is why I stopped at Ross) just to stay comfortable.


The rear window leaks.... which is great, because my grandparents just replaced it for me for that exact reason. And the shop where it has a warranty is back in Michigan. I’m going to take a look and see if it’s actually coming through the 3rd brake light or something, in which case my grandparents got taken for a ride by the glass shop and we’ll have to demand a refund. If it IS the window, though, hopefully someone will be nice and fix it for cheap.

Aaaand, cruise control stopped working after I took a bathroom break.

But I still love this truck so far! It's not quick to get there, but it holds 80mph with ease. I even spun the tires on accident when accelerating uphill in the rain. So I'm not disappointed with the engine at all, and it's a smooth ride as well. Another thing that slightly bugs me is the lighter sockets stay powered when the truck is off, so I'll have to remember to unplug my dashcam every time I stop. But anyway, yeah, Colorado good.

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