Had a great day enjoying some sunshine and driving in Colorado. Checked out Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs in the morning followed up by a drive up Pikes Peak since it was in the neighborhood. Initial impressions of the ST is that it’s loud an bumpy, even compared to my STi. This car has about 57k miles on it and everything rattles. I mean my Subaru is an acceptable level of NVH but this is really another level. I don’t mind it because it’s truly a fun car but it’s still certainly notable. It is definitely quick enough on back roads and the Recaros are special. More thoughts to come as I drive it a little more.

Pikes peak off in the distance
On top of the world at 14,000 feet

With those darker clouds rolling in, it slowly started sprinkling on the way back to Denver which eventually turned into heavier rain, even darker clouds, some wild orange looking sky, and eventually hail!


Thankfully there was some room under the carport and we got home soon enough so there was no damage to be had. The hail also soon stopped and didn't get beyond pea sized so I guess it could have been worse. Heard car alarms going off so there had to have been some bigger chunks. Hopefully no more hail on this trip, don't wanna deal with an insurance claim on a turo rental! 

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