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Day 1, Kinda Sorta

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While I’ve technically been employed in my new position since mid-August, today is my first actual day of teaching. Ever. I’m excited, and nervous. I have 3 classes, all 90 minutes, all in person. Masks required. It should be... interesting. The class I’m most nervous about is AP CompSci in Java; I don’t have a background in coding, programming, let alone Java, and no teaching experience to speak of. I know I have at least one student who took Java in a different school already. I can’t imagine he won’t be bored, but... who knows? I’ve been crash-coursing myself in Java since I learned about the job, so hopefully I can stay ahead of the kids. 


Part of me cannot wait to get through this first day, I don’t know yet if I have way too much to cover in 90 minutes or not enough. I don’t know if the kids will ask a ton of questions that I don’t have answers for. I don’t know how it’s going to be, trying to teach 4 kids remotely who are literally on opposite ends of the globe this morning. At least I have Wednesday to debrief and regroup before Thursday’s classes.

Is it June yet? I hear I get the summer off. I think I’ll need it. 

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