Day 1 of MSF Course: Completed

Just got done with my first day at the MSF course!

Wanted to start off by saying how great of a value this course is! I’m learning things I probably would never have even thought of if I had just bought a bike and winged it! Stuff like turning your handlebars towards your kickstand to ensure the weight remains on that side, etc.


Couple things. The instructors do a great job of making sure everyone is comfortable before moving on to the next exercise. All of the bikes were 250s. My bike was actually a brand new CBR250R, which I really liked a lot. I used to think that a 250 would be too little bike for me starting out, but I’ve since learned that is most definitely not the case.

Out of the other class members, I would say I was probably top three in terms of skills. One guy has been riding on the street with a permit for a while and has a lot of dirt bike experience. He breezed through just about every exercise so far. There is another guy who also has some experience who is at about the same level of skill as I am.


We did have a few women in the course as well. While they struggled a bit, I chalk that up mostly to the bikes being a bit too tall for them. One girl ended up dropping the bike about 10 minutes into the course, which made me cringe since it was a brand new CBR. By the end of the day, though, I think everyone looked pretty comfortable out there and no one dumped the bike while on it, which is a win to me.

Things I found a little more difficult:

  1. Finding the clutch sweet spot
  2. Being too aggressive with my shifting
  3. Shifting into second at low speeds and not lugging the engine

The low speed turning was pretty easy. I chalk that up to my old road bike racing days.


Overall, a pretty fun day and I’m excited for day two. While I will definitely get my bike license, I’m not so certain I’ll end up buying a bike. I like it, but not sure I like it as much as cars—crazily enough.

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