I just left San Francisco after spending a week there vacationing and trying to find a job, and it is quite an interesting city. There’s the usual assortment of boring tech startup millionaire cars, and then there’s the strange ones. Like a meticulously maintained Ford Festiva, or this VW Type II pickup with a missing eye.

It was hiding out by a small repair shop by pier 80, and it was beautiful.

I’ve never had the opportunity to see one of these up close. They look quite polished, with their rounded edges and clean embedded vents. But they also have little rougher details, like external door hinges that look like something from a metal grate.

It looks like it’s been lowered just a shade, but it really looks good. I love how tiny the taillights are, they blend into the overall shape of the vehicle rather than really standing out as a separate element.


The headlights also look like they came out of a beetle, got turned 90 degrees, and crammed in here. In conjunction with the mirrors, it looks like some kind of strange insect.


The little wood rails form a definite line on the body denoting the bed, but also protrude out far enough to act as rub strips and shield the hinges. The rubber bumper looks like it would still dent the body panels if you dropped the side too hard; but keeps the utilitarian in a vehicle that isn’t being driven for its utility.

I’d love to get a chance to really poke around one of these some time (they have pretty sweet interior styling). Maybe some day.

Tomorrow: the most bus bus ever to bus.