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Day 13,861 in the Hospital

Okay, were actually at 72 hours now and I have to say that I’m doing rather well, all things considered. Pain is down, Im feeling more mobile, and I got my IV and heart monitor disconnected. The JP drain is still in, which is annoying but getting the other stuff out offsets that I suppose.

Fun story - yesterday I was told I couldn’t eat until I farted. I went on several walks and finally ripped one... right in front of the nurses’ coffee mess. Just as I passed by, my nurse came up to get a cup of coffee, and as I turned the corner I hollered “Sorry for crop dusting you!”. The other nurses thought it was funny.


Today’s goal is to poop. I don’t anticipate this being a problem, though I may ask for prune juice with lunch as extra insurance. If I poop and my drain continues to decrease like it has been, I should get to go home tomorrow!

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