...of is there any body out there? Everyone is on vacation and here I am.

I saw Rush for the first time yesterday. Great movie.

Going to pop the wheel of the escape tonight to see if I can get the piston to move in the caliper. Already ordered the pads and rotors. Anyone else use RockAuto for parts? I sat in the driveway and pushed the brake pedal down. Once it was to a point where it stopped, it seemed to sink very very slowly, kinda hard to

Interview tonight too. Still havnt heard from the other place. This one is the second interview for a project managment company. I’d be overseeing projects repairing major home damage. I’ve already helped with a couple little things so I think I should have this one. The highlights: I wouldn’t be chained to a desk, better pay, boss tracks a z07. The negatives: kinda far away from what I went to school for, longer drive, company cars are xB’s.