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Day 27: The locals are curious, but still don't realize I'm domestic

I went to an Import meet with Wichitoppo, and it was an... interesting experience. I taped a Honda badge to the front of the 'Sofa since it wasn't an import, rolled up, popped the hood, and immediately a crowd formed around the car marveling at my cone air filter larger than their entire engine, and my 'awesome strut bar'. Which is funny, because I haven't finished the bar and at the moment it's completely useless. Which nicely leads me to my next point.

Import guys can be complete idiots.

My visit was accompanied by the constant 'THUMPrattleTHUMPrattleTHUMPrattleTHUMPrattle' of crap music being played on even more crap subwoofers. I mean, there was a guy with a slammed Miata that he paid $400 to have plastidipped green (?!?!?!?!?!) who had this.


He insisted it sounded good. The barrel was so flimsy that it was visibly deforming as the speaker proceeded to bottom itself out on the upper and lower ends of travel. Ugh.

There was also a guy periodically firing up his car and revving the piss out of it without letting it warm up or anything, so that was fun. It sounded surprisingly not-rice for not having a muffler. The miata guy had a fart cannon on his car which sounded like 100% diluted old man ass.

Also some guy brought a Corvette to an import meet. What a tool.


Also [Stock CRX Intensifies]


I was told the Murdersofa looked slightly out of place. I disagree. It blends in flawlessly.


Later that day we returned to the car garage and did a Buick/CRX photoshoot. All I have right now are the pictures I took with my phone + tripod, which I'll post later. Eventually I'll get ahold of the ones taken with a *real* camera.

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