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Day 4 on the GS500, and I've now got a stripped and painted frame :)

Suzuki came so close to making a bike that was perfect to work on. Everything so far has been dead simple, but the front engine bolt had corroded into the alloy casing and the spacer tubes, and the engine required some considerable jiggling around to get out of the frame. If they;d just made that other lower frame rail you can see bolt-on like the other it would have been a-ok. This is it painted though!

Swing arm’s painted too :)

I’ve also discovered that the difference between an amateur job and a professional one is nothing more than a sanding flap disk. Behold!


Now everything gets put back together, change the drive sprocket, rebuild carbs, rebuild brakes, rebuild forks, wire up brake light, make a mudguard, finish the exhaust and make a silencer, tyres, maybe forks and front indicators, plumb the fuel lines and done!


Working time: 4 days.

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