I know you are all waiting for tales of how the car let down the owner. After all it’s a 9 year old E61, can’t take long right? But how about the other way round? Can you see it already?

The owner let down the car.

Hit a fucking boulder in the school parking lot, that is supposed to stop the garbage truck from damaging our trees. I just didn’t see that damn thing. Ouch!


An agressive scratch removal compound did work little wonders, but the paint is still cracked along the edge. Sorry for the shitty pictures, but it’s hard to get anything but reflections with a potato. Car is too shiny!

I’ve ordered a rattle can of BMW 416 “Carbonschwarz” and plan on sanding down, taping up, and respraying the lower half of the side skirt some time next week. Any other ideas?