Day 5 of Expired Plates

No one has noticed. If I get pulled over, I’ve paid my taxes on the plate, but it wasn’t transferred because I was lied to by the tax office. If you don’t know, in SC, you have to go get a tax form at one place, go pay your taxes at another, and then go to the DMV to actually get the tag/get it transferred. All of this leads to the problem of when you get Part 1 & 2 done, receive false information, and go to complete Part 3 a few days later, to find out that you do have to go through a third party to get a tag on a car with a lien.

Yay South Carolina

The tag/sticker is on the way, but I’m not not driving something I’ve paid the taxes on.


On a positive note, taxes on this was $25, I was about to owe $760 on the GTI.

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