about other automotive options.

I love my FR-S, there's no doubt about that. But I do hate having a car payment. Today I've been thinking about a realistic dream setup, and this is what mine looks like. It's made up of three cars:

1. A decent reliable daily driver bought for relatively cheap, that I could still toss around at autocross for fun. Ideally a wagon, and something quirky/jalop would be cool too.
2. A track/race car project. Spec E30, rallycross/rally beater, or general purpose track beater that can be taken drifting/road racing/whatever else strikes my fancy (a 240 or something of the like)
3. A tow vehicle, bought used. Ideally a diesel sprinter van (like a mid-2000s Dodge 2500), but a diesel truck or Toyota pickup or SUV would suffice too.

So here's what that garage might look like:

Daily: 2005 Forester XT (left primarily stock)

Race car: E36 (or E30) (With two suspension setups: one lifted for stage rally/rallysprint/rallycross/ice racing, and one street setup for track days and maybe even the occasional drift event)


Tow vehicle: Diesel sprinter van

All of this got me to perusing CL for the various options for each of these hypothetical vehicles, and that caused me to stumble upon this:

2000 SW-2 Wagon with a stick and 55k miles for $5k


I'm not sure why, but I really like this car and would want to daily it. haha It's quirky, clean, and would still be fun to take to autocross occasionally.

If I was living in a house with at least a 2 car garage and wouldn't lose money on the FR-S right now, I'd be incredibly tempted to start piecing together this dream setup.

So what would your ideal realistic dream setup look like? By realistic I mean, you could reasonably make it happen within the next year or two; even if it takes selling/trading your current car(s).