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Day Four of Mustang Ownership - A Visit to The Ford Dealer

Went to the dealership today and picked up a new fuel tank filler neck grommet. Apparently on these mustangs, a seal between the filler neck and tank can fail and cause fuel leaks when the tank is near full. On my tank you can clearly see a shiny clean leak path from around the seal where gas has cleaned off road grime. I know the previous owner struggled with the issue for the entire tenure of his ownership, so it’s time to get fixed.

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While I was at the dealership, the parts guy was able to look up the part needed for my dash out AC repair, he was surprised that it was discontinued and not available at any dealers or warehouses across the country. I took the part number home and found the one single part on the entire internet for sale, a NOS actuator on eBay from a guy in Alabama. I bought it and it should be at my house by the time I get home from vacation!

Not as fun but I also deep cleaned a bunch of interior trim that I had to remove when I pulled the dash. Need to pick up a new center console door since mine is cracked beyond repair, and I wouldn’t mind a new shift boot too since the factory one has a small slice in it from 160,000mi of wear.

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