I got into racing as a kid. My dad would take me to a short track called Beech Ridge Motor Speedway just south of Portland Maine. We would go watch late model stock cars, gutted stock vehicles, and even pickups race around the tiny oval, but there was always a few Saturdays during the summer when the track would change things up and hold an event known as “Day of Destruction.”

Now this is not your run of the mill demolition derby...not even close. Drivers from all over New England would bring their beater cars, trucks, SUV’s, Limos, etc, and compete in a series of events, such as reverse racing, ramp racing, and the donut dash. While the point of it is not to demolish the opposing cars, this is often the result by the end of the night. The entire night is great for the fans and the drivers. Since the cars are brought there with the intent of getting smashed up, no one really gets upset if you take them out. Now enjoy this highlight video from a few years ago

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