Since I suck at reading wiring diagrams and don’t feel like splicing into my Ram’s harnesses, I’m just going to use the plentiful power outlets (one round ‘cigarette lighter’ outlet and power-only USB in the dash, and another similar setup [except the USB is also a data port] in the armrest/console) to power my front and rear dashcams.

Problem is, the armrest outlets are powered 24/7 from the battery, the USB in the dash is as well but I’m only using it for my phone... the other dash outlet is ignition-ON powered so its perfect for the cam.

So imagine my surprise whilst reading the owners manual last night (who does that?) that there’s a page dedicated to telling owners how to move a fuse to turn that armrest outlet from batt to ignition powered!

The manual isn’t quite clear, but there it is:


It also gave me a reason to pop the hood for the first time, and note all the room for activities!

So with the V6 set so far back, the accessory drive is pretty much the only thing past the axle centerline, so its pretty much front-mid-engined.


So with the fuse switched, I plugged the camera’s cord in and ran it down the back of the armrest,

Under the carpet to the storage area beneath the rear seat,


And up to the camera that I had no other choice but to ziptie to the center headrest poles

For the front cam’s wire I just tucked it into the headliner and down the a-pillar and across the dash below the steering column, and this is the only wire that really sticks out


And I only wounded myself once on the sharp plastic bits


There are only a few small things I think I’ll end up doing to the truck, mostly to make it more livable over the next three years I’m leasing it. Stay tuned for some exterior doo-dads that are going on/in next week.

Mini-Daryl approves.