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Daytime picture of the new Miata

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God I love this color, Laguna is right up there with BRG as my favorite color for NAs. Mazda really needs to stop being afraid of fun colors on the ND, because it would look great in nearly all of the non boring colors the NA came in. Paint on this one is in great shape, lots of little nicks and scratches right in line with any 200k mile car, but it definitely wasn’t stored outside.


Clutch hydraulics are pretty much gone so I haven’t driven it much. Thankfully, replacement parts for the whole system are less than $50 and I’ve already got them on order.

For those wondering it’s a 1994 A package car (manual windows and locks, power steering, power mirrors, LSD). I’d been been watching NA prices go a bit crazy lately and I thought I might have missed my chance to own one nicer than my $200 miata . This one popped up for sale a few miles away from me on Friday night, and I went out and impulse bought it.

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