Recommendations for first 600cc Supersport?

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So I’ve recently passed the one-year mark of being the owner of my Kawasaki Ninja 400R. It is my first bike and a pretty good one for a beginner. It’s quick but not too quick and comfortable to ride. However it is a sport tourer and as a result is a bit heavy and the almost-upright seating position makes it uncomfortable to tuck (which feels necessary when it’s windy). Also the engine leaves something to be desired: on the highway I’m in 6th gear doing 6 - 7k RPM, which is OK for short stints but gets a bit annoying when I need to be maintaining those speeds for a long time.


With the riding season almost over I think I’m better off parking my bike and also taking it off my insurance policy. I will attempt to sell it now but realistically that might not happen so I can wait until next spring. However that will leave me without a bike and I think it’s time I get my first supersport.

I was looking at the Suzuki GSX-R750 but after going on a very nice trip through some twisties this past weekend I realize I don’t need all the power that the 750 offers - 600 cc’s will be enough for me. Any 600 will more than double the current horsepower I have to work with.


I have found some comparison tests online but want to get some of Oppo’s opinions. I don’t plan on buying a brand new bike but I do want something “recent” and with low mileage because I plan to keep this one for a while. Traction control/ABS is a plus and I’d rather pay the extra money to get a bike with that system than without. The usual suspects - Honda CBR, Kawasaki ZX, Suzuki GSX, Triumph Daytona, Yamaha YZF - are all on the table but I’m open to suggestions if I missed a supersport. Bonus points if there’s an actual usable passenger seat or stock hooks/tie-downs for luggage.

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