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Daytona troubles

Intresting situation. Bike having troubles. No CEL.
Symptoms. When the bike gets hot, i can feel a slight vibration in the motor. Its 100% engine, not wheels. But only when hot.

Also, i loose a small amount of power. Not a lot, but noticeable.

Also didnt want to start at first. Spun the crank once and died.

Again, this is all when hot. When cold, its fine.

Electrical? Stator? Fuel related? Im going to check the battery/charging system in the AM, but im at a loss here...

EDIT: bike has a full akra, a tune for it, no EXUP, no cat, no O2. Yoyodyne slipper clutch and some visual mods.

Its has about 17k km on it, and I think its due for a valve service.

I’m posting this hereso that we all learn from this. I’m genuinely curious as too what it could be, I’m going to pull the stator cover and take a look. maybe its worked its way loose? would explain a lot actually.....

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