Never really bothered to read up on the man, but that post on the model 52 send me looking. I have to say, this guy must have been one busy man.

(Mathew S. Browning, my great great grandfather - far right)

“With John [Browning] concentrating his time on invention, Matthew focused on organizing and directing several businesses: the Browning Brothers Company, the J.M. & M.S. Browning Company, and the Browning Arms Co. (2)...Matthew contributed design input on several firearms and appears as co-patentee on 24 patents. Eight of Matthew’s patents were manufactured, including the Winchester model 1886 lever action rifle, the Winchester Models 1887 & 1901 lever action shotguns, the models 1893 & 1897 pump action shotguns, the Winchester Model 1890 pump action .22 rifle, thee Winchester Model 1892 lever action rifle, and the Colt 1895 machine gun. Although their separate roles as designer and manager were designated, the brothers clearly worked as a team in both areas.

Matthew not only ran the Browning brothers’ businesses; he also oversaw considerable holdings and served on the boards of several companies: the Bar B Ranch, the Utah National Bank of Ogden, the Utah - Idaho Central Railroad (as an incorporator and vice president), the Lion Coal Co., the radio station KWFA, Ogden Transit Co., Logan Rapid Transit Co., and the Amalgamated Sugar Co. Matthew was a director of the Home Fire Insurance Company of Utah, Utah Construction Company, Utah Power and Light, Deseret National Bank, Oregon Lumber Company, Sumpter Valley Railroad, Utah Rapid Transit, The Utah Loan and Trust Company, The C.E. Mayne Company, and the Browning Bros. Overland automobile dealership. Matthew Browning “became one of the leading financiers of the West.”

Matthew’s political and civic involvements included two years as mayor of Ogden in 1898 and 1899; he served as president of the Weber Club, a member of the Ogden Chamber of Commerce, and president of the city school board. In 1912, Matthew served at the request of the governor on a committee to design and fund the Utah State Capital building. He was also asked to run for governor of Utah but declined because Mary Ann didn’t want to move to Salt Lake City.”



Dayum Matt, sure making me look like a looser here. As a bonus, its fun to hear that he was into cars, especially of the overland variety.