The DC-10-50TI is the newest in the fleet...

...of my collection of computers.

When Miss Tesla and I were still in a relationship she cobbled together a gaming rig from a mostly complete computer she was given and a GTX 1050ti that I bought her. It was some of the most fun I’ve ever had with a computer. It played just about any current AAA game and even played the non-Steam Edition Flight Simulator X at a locked 45 FPS on almost ultra settings.

Besides the 1050ti GPU, her computer is running old hardware. It’s running a Core i5-2550K, 8gb of the random access stuff, and a mobo so strange that if you told me it was older than me I’d wager you being correct.

I decided to replicate the build with all new parts.

For a case, I chose this DeepCool Tesseract in a somewhat rare white with window combo.



I’m going to fill it with LED fans then later, water cooling.

The case will get paired with an AMD Ryzen 1300X and a GTX 1050ti that I got on Cyber Monday.

All of those will be tied up with an Asrock mobo that I intend to fill with all the sticks of RAM.


Total cost will be $540 after the extra fans and the power unit arrive next week. Then I get to build my first custom computer!!!!

The computer’s name is a wordplay on one of my favourite trijets, the DC-10.

I decided to name it “DC-10-50TI” seeing as it will primarily play FSX and the name of the GPU fits so well. :3 Also, the DC-10-50 was a real proposed variant of the DC-10.


Hat tip to Miss Tesla for the name! My first choice was going to be “Dassault Falcon 1300X” naming it after the CPU.

What cool custom builds do my fellow Oppos have out there?