So anyone in the DC metro knows this morning was a complete shit show. Trucks on fire. Fender benders and disabled vehicles everywhere. Every little incident effecting the other lanes in some way.

I recently traveled by car south 600 or so miles to Atlanta to that glorious city and enjoyed their highway system very much. Once you start approaching the city the highway opens up from two lanes to 4 all the way up to 8 lanes on both sides. Friggin genius! What a concept! Traffic was super thick in areas since there were events going on down town but it was allllways moving. There was even construction in places during the day on friday. Drove around the city all day and hardly even noticed anything resembling rush hour. Coming from DC when it takes you an hour and 15 minutes to go 20 miles on average. Driving in Atlanta was a breeze. I friggin loved it and it spoiled me.

Here comes the rant. So this morning traffic was fucking terrible. The whole design of this area is fucked. I don't understand how they had no idea this many people would commute into the city everyday. It is the god damn capitol of our country. People from as much as 100 miles away sometimes commute daily into DC for work. Fix your fucking roads. So there are tons of exits and highway on ramps that cross each other. I see more of this in the DC metro than anywhere else in the country. Why does exit and on ramp traffic cross each others path? Doesn't that seem a little inefficient?

For example the inner and outer loop traffic on 495 used to be separated. The inner was a left on ramp and the outer was a right on ramp coming off of 66. They changed that for some reason(probably for the express lanes more on that in a minute) and move it to the other side. So traffic going to the inner is lane number two on 66 and traffic going to the outer is lane number one. The issue here is the inner loop is ALWAYS backed up. So traffic on 66 going to the outer loop has to cross the traffic for the inner loop which has now spilled out onto 66. So this backs up 66 for a couple miles.

This is just a small example of the things people in the DC metro deal with.

So we thought we were getting come kind of relief when we saw they widened 495 to six lanes on each side. Hallelujah! Excepttttt...Those are express lanes like a toll road that you can only use if you have an easypass for them to suck money off of. This really pissed me off when I noticed them putting these little white polls up for the 15 miles that I am on 495 everyday. So the two far left lanes are only usable if you pay for them. What the fuck. So this wouldn't be so bad if the rate to drive it was low and if it was set. Only it is not. The lowest you will see the rate to drive in that lane is .35 cents. In the middle of the night. During rush hour they jack this up skyhigh. Today while there was so much traffic on the inner loop I checked in my side mirror to see what the express lane drivers were paying. $5 $6 and $7 dollars to drive different distances in the express lane. That is the literal definition of highway robbery. And tons of people drive in them like fucking sheep. People will argue well the gas you waste in traffic is more than that. It is not. Gas is around .12 a mile usage wise. At least for my car.


I don't know. I am just tired of all the traffic. It is everyone's fault for leaving at the same time and not giving themselves enough time. Also not their fault because the city and surrounding area can't handle the people.

TL;DR I am spoiled by Atlanta's 16 lane wide highways.