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DD-ing a 14 year old French-Italian coupe for 2 years, expensive?

After doing a post like this a year ago and seeing Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig's post about his 2002 Impreza I thought I needed to post an update about my 2000 Peugeot 406 coupe as I brought it in for its inspection today. Especially due to the unreliable image of French (and Italian) vehicles.

Everything labelled with a * is done by a shop, everything labelled with a # done or outsourced by a friendly mechanic. No marker means I've done it myself.


Purchased car: €3000 (167k km)

# Broken speedometer sensor which was already faulty when I bought the car: €100


* Refilled A/C: €100

# Tuneup. Filters, liquids, spark plugs: €165
# Car came equipped without Cruise. I had it installed: €225

Wipers. Unsure, I believe €40
Installed center armrest, as the car didn't have one: €50

# Broken rubber exhaust clip: €5
# 1 liter of oil: €10
# Yearly mandatory safety and emissions check: €35


Headlight bulb. Unsure, probably €5

* brake fluid €35 (195k km)
New battery (preventative) €75

* Oil change, replaced €13 dipstick €100 (201k km)

* Yearly inspection, oil change, AC recharge, high beam indicator on dash replaced to pass inspection: €350. (212k km)


Total: €1020 excluding €265 in upgrades.

Maintenance costs per year when outsourcing most of the work €510. Had I done this all myself it would've cost a mere fraction of this amount. I do have to admit I've left the winter tires/wheels out of the equation.


Total kilometers driven since purchase: 45k (28k miles). Actual broken parts during my ownership: one €5 exhaust mounting part, one €13 dipstick, one €4 dash bulb, one €5 headlight bulb. Yet French cars are hideously unreliable.

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