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DD-ing a 15 year old French-Italian coupe for 2.5 years, expensive?

My daily driver is a 2000 Peugeot 406 coupe, which I own for 2.5 years now. How expensive has it been? I did these posts before, but due to a development I thought I needed to post an update.


Why do I believe I need to post an update? Well, because costs just went up dramatically. It’s not the car’s fault though.

  • Chronology: I bought the car October first 2012 with 167k km on the odometer.
  • Until September 2014 I’d spent a total of €1020 on maintenance, very little done by myself. See previous link. No maintenance done between September 2014 and April 2015.
  • Mid April 2014. The car desperately needed service. It’s at 245k km now, and 240k was a major interval. The bill I got after everything was fixed? €1040. I delivered some of the parts myself, for a total of €110, so the total cost is €1150. Damn it.

What has been done this month?

  • Filters (oil, air, interior, fuel)
  • Fluids (motor oil, coolant)
  • Spark plugs
  • Radiator (preventative)
  • Timing belt + water pump + pulley + tensioner
  • Serpentine belt + pulley + tensioner
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Oil cap (it was leaking...)
  • Exhaust (mid section only)
  • Door mechanism
  • Something with the anti-roll bar. I’m not sure about the translation Control arm
  • A light bulb

The door mechanism broke, meaning the door wouldn’t stay open without me holding the door. Other than that mechanism and maybe the oil cap all of this is expected maintenance for the big 240k interval I guess.

There’s zero rust on the car, despite our road salt during winter. Mechanical condition is astounding, considering the mileage. According to my mechanic.

With almost fully outsourced maintenance I paid a total of €2170 in maintenance for 78k km (48.5k miles, $2350). That’s less than €0.03 a km ($0.05 a mile). In addition I now have a car that won’t be needing any expensive maintenance for a long time. Except summer tires, will need to do all four of those half a year from now.


So tell me Oppo, is this less, about right or more money than expected for a car like this? Especially considering the fact that I outsource most of the work.

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Yes I suck at taking pictures. The 205 GTI is my weekend car.

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