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DD Limits?

Question: What is your biggest limiting factor for being able to daily drive a car?

Random pic I found because... because.

Now I know what website this is and you’ll all DD a wooden bed frame with an I6 where 2 cylinders don’t fire with a bicycle helmet for safety... but what would really grind your gears?


In looking to upgrade next year, I’m looking at a lot of cars with relatively small ground clearance which worries me in RI and in an apartment complex with speed bumps. So that could be a no-go since I have to use them every time I drive. I can’t control how many places would be tough to drive a low car unlike some of the other obstacles I could think of. Also, I know a lot of you don’t have such aversions to cars with known reliability issues, but I’m unfortunately not great with a wrench (on cars) I only have one car so it has to hold up.

Anybody else?

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