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The want (not need) for a new DD is stronger than ever these days. My latest idea is to buy a CPO EB Mustang. I’ve had two as a rental cars and they actually get pretty decent mileage. The power is more than adequate for DD and cruising as well. 99% of the used cars are automatic but I think I’m ok with that. I’ve never bought an auto before, but I do like the idea for traffic. There are quite a few options under 20k that include the premium package. The 2018's are officially on sale with updated (worsened) styling and fancy new gizmos so I think values on the 2015-2017's will drop even quicker. I don’t need a super fun car for my DD, but it sure is nice on a bad day. Or sometimes on road trips, I’ll make a detour to hit a fun road. I think this would be a decent middle ground where the fun things are still kinda fun.

Pro/Con list below:

Pros: Styling, A/C seats, gas mileage, Automatic (traffic), 100k mi warranty, not relying on a 190k mi VAG product, fancy new (to me) features, safety improvements, easier maintenance, fun to drive.


Cons: Automatic (on back-roads), depreciation, higher insurance, still no room for boards/bikes/4 people, not a V8.

What do you think OPPO? Tell me why I’m wrong!

One of the cars in question, for your time.

I’ll probably change my mind in a week, but that’s how life goes when you have ADD.

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