The year is 1990, and you have three coup‎és from Volkswagen AG to choose from.

DD, Track & Burn. Go!

The Volkswagen Corrado G60, 160BHP 1.8 I4.

The Audi Coupé Quattro, 168BHP 2.3 I5.


The Porsche 944, 163BHP 2.7 I4.

The VW’s supercharged engine gives it astonishing bhp/litre, the Audi has four wheel drive and the Porsche is a thoroughbred sports car. Also the low power figures can be excused because neither car is in top spec. The Corrado VR6, S2 Coupé and Porsche 944 Turbo S are all much more powerful, but we’re putting these lesser known performance models in the limelight this time. Either way, you choose.