Vehicle #1: Mercedes SL73 AMG Conversion

At first, this looks like a sadly butchered Merc SL, but then you see the badge, and realize that it isn't normal

That SL73 AMG badge means that it has extra go faster bits, was never sold in america, and has a very special lump. But is it real?


Yup, that's a Zonda engine in this SL's bay. That really puts the SPORT in Sport und Licht

Full ad here.

Vehicle #2 : Jaguar XJS Cabrio TWR


this big cat has a rare TWR conversion, netting it extra power, special alloys, sharper handling, and a wood-rimmed wheel.

mmm. tasty. Unfortunately, it is saddled with an autotragic transmission, but so is the SL73, and we're not complaining. Go here for the full ad.


Vehicle #3 Mercedes SL AMG

This rare, all-black beauty, that's been imported from Japan packs a 6 liter V8. those original AMG split-rim wheels are painted black with a polished lip, so you can tell that it's something special


inside, all the wood, leather, and glass in the world is there to comfort you. the seriously rapid roadster from the Early-AMG era is willing to whisk you anywhere in semi-discreet comfort. Go here to see the ad.